Hammered Jewelry

Large Brass Arrowhead Pendants, Made in the USA, 2pcsI am so happy you could join me for my first blog post. Well if you read my about page you know I love creating and designing jewelry as well as collecting charms. Something about the beauty in each piece that can stand out becoming its own statement piece. A good piece of jewelry can really make someone feel confident.

When researching and learning about jewelry there is a lot that goes into the process.  I do consider the person who makes jewelry an artist. They design it from pure imagination.

I have seen some beautiful hammered pieces of jewelry before. Where the way they hammered it looks like little waves you would see within the ocean. It is really neat just how many hammers are out there just for hammering jewelry. Hammers like raw silk, pointed, circle, and flat are just a few I found to make different textures in the jewelry.

If you love hammered jewelry like I do check out my gallery to see some pieces I have created.

For my next post I will create a DIY on creating jewelry to show you guys some of my tricks and how you can even buy charms from my shop to incorporate in your new jewelry making process.


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