Somebody Has To Say It

I always try and get in the shortest line in store. I want to get in and get out.  When you are busy all day and running all over completing Etsy orders the last thing you want to do is stand in line with a bunch of frozen items that you know are just defrosting.

Once I have my items I dart to the shortest line. I get in and out. Occasionally though the short line I am in isn’t moving. The register broke, it is the persons first day of work, the person in front of you has too many items to even be in the under 20 or less line. So you move. You think I can get out much quicker if I just go to that short line over there. You get out of line and as you walk up about to put your items on the belt you hear,” Sorry, I am closed.” Frustration hits and you turn around to race back in the line you just left and sure enough the line is longer than before and now your frozen items are defrosted.

Much easier to shop online. Whatever I am shopping for I just think it is so much easier to sit at home, click add to cart and have it mailed to my door. No line to wait in. I guess this is why I like buying on Etsy, because it is quick and easy.

So my advice, next time you are in a line that isn’t moving just be patient because the moment you move the line will double.


3 thoughts on “Somebody Has To Say It

  1. As part of my meditation practice, I do a form called Metta or Loving Kindness. When I’m stuck in a line in a store (or in traffic), my tendency is like all of ours–I get antsy…then a bit annoyed…you get the picture, right? Well, for the past year or so, I’ve been trying to use the time to observe those around me and myself. I try to send some loving kindness ‘messages’ to those who are impatient and especially to the poor clerk who is probably frazzled. People don’t stop lines up for the fun of it. They know people are fuming and will no doubt be abrupt or even rude when it’s their turn after a delay. Try it sometime. Just breath deeply a few times to calm yourself and say (in your own words), “May we all be patient today. May we all just do our best. May everyone be enjoy this day and this moment.” Make up words that work for you and your beliefs. Then when you get to the clerk, take a second to look at her or him in the eyes and say “Hi.” I’m always amazed to see a big smile from a clerk who wasn’t expecting simple courtesy and respect. (Ok, end of lecture, lol. 🙂


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