DIY Soap Creating

Today will be another DIY post, but this time based off of my love of soap making. Recently making your own soap from home has become very popular. No one wants to wash with harmful chemicals.


Before I got into natural and DIY I never thought much about what was in my products. I knew it was important to watch what I eat, but I never made the connection with what I put on the outside matters too. When I started caring about natural and organic I started looking at my products. When I looked at the back of my soap bar I was disgusted at what I found. Chemicals, chemicals and more chemicals putting on my body.

Researching I found it is possible to make your own soap at home with or without using lye. Many don’t want to handle lye because it is a very dangerous chemical. Why, put it in soap? When lye and fat are mixed together in proper portions saponification happens which is a chemical reaction. When prepared and cured for many weeks no lye will actually remain in the final product. Making it completely safe for use.

If you do choose to use lye in your soap making process please make sure to follow with safety instructions:

Arms and legs should be covered and gloves must be worn.

If you are like many though who do not want lye anywhere in your house there is an alternative. Good news, right? It is no different then trying to bake homemade cookies or cookies from a premade box. You can make it from scratch or you can buy a melt and pour base. Really depends on if you want to use the chemical or not. Regardless if you make it from scratch or from a melt and pour base all soap has lye. One way you handle it the other you don’t have to because that process is taken care for you.

Let me talk about the melt and pour base for this post. You cut your melt and pour base into chunks. Microwave for 30 seconds at a time or you can melt on a double boiler.

Now you can either go buy fun different shape molds or just use silicone muffin tins, paper cups etc.


This is where you get to decide what you want in your soap. Want to add flowers? pour a little in the mold then add flowers then just continue process. Add essential oils or maybe oatmeal for exfoliation. The possibilities you can create are endless really. Have fun with it and make sure to let your soap set for a few weeks.

If you ever made handmade soap or have a great recipe please share in the comments! Would love to hear what you have to say.


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