Top 3 Tips for creating your own Bespoke Charm Bracelet

Brass Charm Logo (1)

Sometimes it can feel impossible to find the exact charm bracelet to match your clothing outfit. The most common problems are wrong colors, metal types or the charms themselves may not make the same statement that your clothes do.

If this sounds like a regular frustration you experience often, then why not spend less time browsing shopping malls and simply make your own? Creating a bespoke custom charm bracelet is not as difficult as it may sound and can be a rewarding experience. The biggest challenge you will likely have is deciding on what charms to use in the first place?

When choosing charms for a bracelet, it is often best to put some thought into the design first, rather than throwing any random mixture of charms onto a link. With this in mind, here are our 3 top tips for creating your very own bespoke charm bracelet:

1) Color choice – Try to decide first on if you would like any color on your bracelet or not. The rule of thumb, like any jewelry can depend on when you plan to wear your band. Generally gold, brass and silver charms look better with more formal clothing types including office wear, while bright colours suit more casual clothing. Of course you can always add a splash of color too, for example if you’re wearing a charm bracelet with a formal blue dress, then a few matching navy blue beads would look exquisite.


2) Formal or Non Formal – Similar to color choice, you may wish to think beforehand about the types of charms you are going to use. For example, a huge collection of large brass animal style charms may look impressive but feel clunky when wearing it with shorts and a vest top. However, if you’re not too fashion conscience then let your imagination run wild.

3) Charms Personality – When creating a custom charm bracelet, your charms should be an extension of your personality or symbol of how you’re feeling on that day. Often when wearing a custom charm bracelet people will comment on it. What better way to explain what the charms mean to you, the perfect way to express yourself and amaze people with your own creation.


If you are ready to begin building your own bracelet today, then check out our popular charm collection on ETSY today: Shop Here


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