Let’s Go To Dominican Republic

I thought today we would take a trip to the Dominican Republic! Okay, not really, but I went and want to tell you about it!

Vacations are really a great time to spend quality time with your spouse. Sometimes a vacation is much needed and when living a busy life you just need that break.

Me and my husband for our 5th anniversary stayed at the LaRomana Grand Bahia Resort. We stayed 7 days and 6 nights. Now that is sometimes how long you have to get away to recuperate from constantly being busy. Running an Etsy shop you are always busy, but definitely worth it!Anniversary Trip

We went swimming under the sea with the sharks, snorkeling, and above water we went canoeing and paddle boarding. We also took a reef tour on a manmade island.

We took this Catamaran boat ride to the beautiful Starfish Island. I know many of you are probably thinking we visited the fictional island that was featured in the Batman TV series episode Vertigo. We promise we went to a legit Island names Starfish Island.   Starfish Island

It was just really nice. The beautiful baby blue skies and the white sand. No worries just fun, sunshine and relaxation time. Vacation is always needed at some point. If it is a day or several weeks we all have times where our bodies and minds need to relax.


I would love to hear about your story on what you did on your favorite trip. Comment below and share a great place to take a trip and why.


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