How to Make a $7 Bracelet with Vintage Pieces

I know some of you have been asking for some Jewelry making posts and I thought I’d share this fun and simple bracelet tutorial that combines old with new! This Kit is available for purchase at ONLY $7 and will include most of the materials needed to construct it. All you will need are your tools: Nipper tool, flat head pliers and round nose pliers.

Here is everything you will receive in your $7 kit DSC_0622 DSC_0626

8 inches of Vintage Brass Chain which you will cut into 2 pieces to fit your wrist. Enough for up to an 8 inch wrist
8 Small Brass jump rings(4 extras in case you lose any or want to extend the length of the chain)
2 Large jump rings(only need 1, but an extra just in case)
1 Vintage Filigree piece
1 large 12mm Raw Brass Lobster Claw Clasp

Instructions: slightly curve with your 2 thumbs on the middle backside of the filigree piece so that it will sit on the wrist naturally.


Open 2 small jump rings and attach to the end of the filigree piece and slide on a cut piece of chain.


Close the jump ring and it should now be attached to the filigree piece and the chain. Open the other end and do the same. You should now have the filigree piece attached to 2 separate pieces of chain. Open another small jump ring and slide on the lobster clasp and slide through the end of a dangling piece of chain. Open a large jump ring, slide the end link of chain onto it and then close it. DSC_0618

Your Bracelet is complete. You may decorate the top if you wish like I did. I glued some flat back Rhinestones on top or you could take some paint or Patina and color the Brass filigree piece.


I hope you enjoyed this simple bracelet project and please feel free to post your latest craft projects!


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