Supporting Local Businesses

I firmly believe that it is very important to support locally owned shops that make and sell right here in the U.S.A. It is also very important to support family businesses either in your community or online.

By supporting locally or family owned businesses it helps in some ways provide better wages and benefits than large Corporations . Supporting locally gives the opportunity to provide more jobs for those in need of work. I read an article that says the employment rate for August 2015 was at 8 million. Many people jobs and by supporting shops like this, you are decreasing that number.

It’s also very cost efficient from a buyers point of view. The smaller the business, the more changes and lower prices develop over time. It can really transform and strengthen the economic base of any community. Sure, everyone loves the big name stores, but I like the odd, the not so perfect. I like to walk in a local establishment and get a personal greeting, by name is even more special. I may possibly get greeted by the owners furry friend. This is the type of interaction that makes doing business locally feel special.

There are some small business owners that may be physically challenged preventing them from traveling to a workplace. It is much easier to create a shop online and do everything from the convenience of your home. Etsy has really been helpful in letting me run my own business and follow my dreams. If you want to support family businesses, but want more variety a place like Etsy is perfect. You can shop all over the world or within your zip code specifically for handmade items. You even get to read why they started an Etsy shop.

I hope today’s post makes you reach out to some of the local businesses that you have yet to visit so that we can pour money back into our communities. They need our support.


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