White is Out, Wood Is In!

Product Photography….White is out and Wood is In!

Do you sell products online? Are you looking for a better way to ‘sell’ your items, but can’t seem to determine the right strategy? Perhaps you take pictures of your own handmade products, but haven’t quite found the perfect way to do so. Well, today I’d like to offer a suggestion that could change the tides for you.

If you are used to shooting a white background then I want to recommend a change for you. That change is shooting on a wooden background instead of a white background. Why? Because it offers a plethora of positive options to show off your item in the best possible light. I personally used to take pictures against a totally white background, however, I found that it was taking away from the quality of my items. It looked fake and even a bit mass-produced.


Needless to say, I wasn’t happy. So, I changed things up. Instead of using a white background, I began shooting against a wooden background with natural lighting. I wanted to highlight the details of my products, and the wooden background lent itself to the quality of my items.


I currently shoot using a Nikon D3300 with a 40mm micro lens. I also prefer to shoot outdoors, because I am in love with natural lighting. Since I sell on Etsy, I understand the importance of conveying the handcrafted look and appeal of my products and shooting with natural light against a wooden background.

If you’re an Etsy seller, then you should definitely consider shooting against a wooden background. Particularly if you are selling rustic items. However, I firmly believe that anyone can increase sales by using this one trick. A wooden background will make your item look more professional and even more attractive.

Set the stage for better product pictures by shooting against a wooden background.


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