My Weight Loss Journey Progress Photos

5 months in! Good Lord! How did I let it go this far?? I kept making all the excuses in the world about how I packed on so much weight. Yes, sitting behind a computer almost non stop will do it. I’m an entrepreneur and run several online sites solo. No employees or assistants.
It took everything in me to post this photo, which I know most wouldn’t. If I want to continue running a successful business, I need to get my health in order. Lucky for me, I have no health issues except for being fat. 10 inches total lost in 3 areas: bust, waist and hips. 14lbs of pure fat loss. I’m so glad I found a home at Stage 3 Fitness because I¬†would still be at home behind the computer packing on more weight. I have a long way to go still but sometimes we need to see SOME progression. My ultimate goal is to get in that swimsuit on some foreign beach by next summer.