Hello and thank you for stumbling across my blog! I want to share a little history on how brass charm company came to be.

I started making jewelry and somehow over the years I have become more interested in outsourcing jewelry supplies and materials that are made here in the USA! I’ve been collecting Raw Brass charms over the past year that are produced right here in the USA.

I started my Etsy shop Brass Charm Company to share my passion of making jewelry and charms I collect. This journey took place on Etsy in December 26, 2013 and I have been working hard ever since. With over 4,000 sales, 1,682 admirers, 542 items, and 676 outstanding reviews it is wonderful to see the numbers keep growing. It is great to be able to share good quality products made in the USA and Etsy has given me the platform for doing so.

To check out Brass Charm Company on Etsy use this link and it will take you directly to my shop:       il_570xN_707796172_rgd7


To show my appreciation for taking time to visit my blog use coupon code: WORDPRESS at checkout at my Etsy shop for 10 percent off.

I will begin sharing my creation process here, talking a little bit about some of my products, but also plan on writing some other posts based off of every day things for you guys to get to know me and my thoughts on everyday topics.

Enough about me time to start blogging!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog and reading some of my work. It’s always nice having new followers. I like your blog layout. You’ve made it look good and some of your postings were fun to read. Since you are new, I’ll offer a few suggestions of things I like on blogs such as yours. First of all you have your business end–the lovely jewelry and your Etsy Shop. That’s nicely set up in your Gallery and Shop part. But you also have more general postings of your thoughts. I read through a few and commented on one. I think you might want to label a section called BLOG of whatever name you like. You identify yourself only as Brass Charm Company, but I know you are a person since you commented on my blog. You don’t have to reveal a lot if you don’t care to, but a first name would be nice here on the About page and in your responses. It makes you more approachable. The second thing is using widgets on your blog page. You should consider adding ARCHIVE and RECENT POSTINGS so a visitor can quickly see what they might want to read. I suggest you do an email sign up widget as well since some of your visitors might want to sign up via email. It strikes me that you have a very clear business vision in mind and the technical and verbal skills to communicate well here on WordPress. I’m glad to be a follower of your blog and I do wish you all the best with everything. Best wishes, Mary

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