How It Came To Be

il_570xN.814548153_5nz6Good morning! Today I thought it would be fascinating to talk a little about the history behind jewelry. If you really think about it jewelry is a huge market. Practically every store you go in has some kind of jewelry being featured. Not all, but a lot do. Jewelry has been popular with all ages throughout many years, but does anyone ever wonder how it came to be?

Well if you ever were curious about the story behind jewelry you came to the right blog post. Now many might read this and say,” Isn’t it spelled jewellery ?” Actually yes, for British English, Australian English, and South African English it is spelled that way. Jewellery came from the word jewel, but for American English it is spelled jewelry. Confusing many possibly, but glad I got to clear that up since this is a jewelry blog and that word will be used often!

Through researching I really wanted to find where the first pieces where created and what from. I actually found out that the first pieces of jewelry came from Africa it seems. Now I am not sure how many today would wear what they used when creating jewelry, but they started it by using snail shells to create shell jewelry. I also found after that in Kenya they used ostrich egg shells. Personally I do not think I would of liked jewelry back then, but now I love it.

Jewelry has really changed in thousands of years and trends have transformed the way jewelry looks. As the years go by I am more and more surprised at what people design and create. Really beautiful pieces with different kinds of methods to please every style.

Some pieces also carry sentimental value in it. Some use engagement rings and wedding rings to show marriage and commitment , others may wear a vintage ring passed down through generations. Many wear lockets filled with a photo of a loved one and some engrave watches to have an encouraging word to look at often.

Next time you look at a piece of jewelry you will know some history behind it and know the story of how it came to be. I like knowing these random facts that many don’t know or care to think about.

If you have some history about jewelry that I did not cover please share in comments! I really enjoyed writing this and the research was very interesting. Hope you all enjoyed this and don’t forget to follow so you can keep up to date with the latest and greatest of all things jewelry.