How to Make a $7 Bracelet with Vintage Pieces

I know some of you have been asking for some Jewelry making posts and I thought I’d share this fun and simple bracelet tutorial that combines old with new! This Kit is available for purchase at ONLY $7 and will include most of the materials needed to construct it. All you will need are your tools: Nipper tool, flat head pliers and round nose pliers.

Here is everything you will receive in your $7 kit DSC_0622 DSC_0626

8 inches of Vintage Brass Chain which you will cut into 2 pieces to fit your wrist. Enough for up to an 8 inch wrist
8 Small Brass jump rings(4 extras in case you lose any or want to extend the length of the chain)
2 Large jump rings(only need 1, but an extra just in case)
1 Vintage Filigree piece
1 large 12mm Raw Brass Lobster Claw Clasp

Instructions: slightly curve with your 2 thumbs on the middle backside of the filigree piece so that it will sit on the wrist naturally.


Open 2 small jump rings and attach to the end of the filigree piece and slide on a cut piece of chain.


Close the jump ring and it should now be attached to the filigree piece and the chain. Open the other end and do the same. You should now have the filigree piece attached to 2 separate pieces of chain. Open another small jump ring and slide on the lobster clasp and slide through the end of a dangling piece of chain. Open a large jump ring, slide the end link of chain onto it and then close it. DSC_0618

Your Bracelet is complete. You may decorate the top if you wish like I did. I glued some flat back Rhinestones on top or you could take some paint or Patina and color the Brass filigree piece.


I hope you enjoyed this simple bracelet project and please feel free to post your latest craft projects!


Top 3 Tips for creating your own Bespoke Charm Bracelet

Brass Charm Logo (1)

Sometimes it can feel impossible to find the exact charm bracelet to match your clothing outfit. The most common problems are wrong colors, metal types or the charms themselves may not make the same statement that your clothes do.

If this sounds like a regular frustration you experience often, then why not spend less time browsing shopping malls and simply make your own? Creating a bespoke custom charm bracelet is not as difficult as it may sound and can be a rewarding experience. The biggest challenge you will likely have is deciding on what charms to use in the first place?

When choosing charms for a bracelet, it is often best to put some thought into the design first, rather than throwing any random mixture of charms onto a link. With this in mind, here are our 3 top tips for creating your very own bespoke charm bracelet:

1) Color choice – Try to decide first on if you would like any color on your bracelet or not. The rule of thumb, like any jewelry can depend on when you plan to wear your band. Generally gold, brass and silver charms look better with more formal clothing types including office wear, while bright colours suit more casual clothing. Of course you can always add a splash of color too, for example if you’re wearing a charm bracelet with a formal blue dress, then a few matching navy blue beads would look exquisite.


2) Formal or Non Formal – Similar to color choice, you may wish to think beforehand about the types of charms you are going to use. For example, a huge collection of large brass animal style charms may look impressive but feel clunky when wearing it with shorts and a vest top. However, if you’re not too fashion conscience then let your imagination run wild.

3) Charms Personality – When creating a custom charm bracelet, your charms should be an extension of your personality or symbol of how you’re feeling on that day. Often when wearing a custom charm bracelet people will comment on it. What better way to explain what the charms mean to you, the perfect way to express yourself and amaze people with your own creation.


If you are ready to begin building your own bracelet today, then check out our popular charm collection on ETSY today: Shop Here

Create Your Own Statement Piece

Today is a blog post about DIY jewelry making. I love that feeling when I am out and about wearing something I made and someone compliments it. That feeling of getting to say,” Thank you. I made it myself.”

Now before I share some great DIY tips for jewelry making don’t forget to check out my shop as I have great charms and beads that can be used for this project.

My shop:

My goal here is to try to find a simple jewelry making process that anyone can do. As I post I will eventually be making more advanced blog post on jewelry creating. All you need for this is three items.

Things you will need to make your very own DIY leather bracelet

1: Leather cord or strip.

2: As well as beads with large enough holes. You can check out my shop to buy   il_570xN_758431662_n4sbbeads in bundle at affordable prices for this project.


That is all you need for this project. Simple, right?

Alright first thing cut two leather strands same in size. Measure around your wrist so you know to make it long enough. Put the two strands together and knot one end. Make sure to leave a little length to be able to tie bracelet around your wrist. It might be easiest to do this project if you take the side with the knot and tape it to the table, but that option is up to you.

Now the fun part. Take a bead and slide in on one of the leather strands. Take the bead and move it all the way up next to the knot.


Take the other strand and put it through the bead hole coming from the opposite direction. Then do this same repeating motion for each bead. Slide a bead on one strand then put the second strand through the bead hole from the other direction. Have fun with it. Mix the colors of the beads up. Half way through even take a charm through both strands tie it in a knot then continue with bead process.

When you finish completing the beading process with a basic knot and tie the other end of bracelet. Congrats you just made your first DIY bracelet.

I really hope you like this fun and simple DIY jewelry making process. I plan on having more of these in the future so if you like posts like this make sure you follow to keep up-to-date with new blog post.

In the comments share your DIY jewelry making tips.

Hammered Jewelry

Large Brass Arrowhead Pendants, Made in the USA, 2pcsI am so happy you could join me for my first blog post. Well if you read my about page you know I love creating and designing jewelry as well as collecting charms. Something about the beauty in each piece that can stand out becoming its own statement piece. A good piece of jewelry can really make someone feel confident.

When researching and learning about jewelry there is a lot that goes into the process.  I do consider the person who makes jewelry an artist. They design it from pure imagination.

I have seen some beautiful hammered pieces of jewelry before. Where the way they hammered it looks like little waves you would see within the ocean. It is really neat just how many hammers are out there just for hammering jewelry. Hammers like raw silk, pointed, circle, and flat are just a few I found to make different textures in the jewelry.

If you love hammered jewelry like I do check out my gallery to see some pieces I have created.

For my next post I will create a DIY on creating jewelry to show you guys some of my tricks and how you can even buy charms from my shop to incorporate in your new jewelry making process.